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Why Choose Cold-Beat?

Cold-Beat has provided On-Demand from Day One

Recently, there has been a lot of "buzz" in the hosting industry regarding "on-demand" services. "On-demand" services are simply any service that enables users to turn services on or off at will and enable the scaling of resources up or down. The reality of the matter is Cold-Beat has been offering on-demand services from day one! That's thirteen years ahead of the industry.

Most hosting companies force their customers to sign an annual if not bi-annual contract before the customers' servers are even ordered and/or built. This enables the hosting company to lock the customer in for payment regardless of whether or not the hosting company lives up to their side of the deal. Additionally, it has not been uncommon for customers to wait days or even weeks for server clusters to come online and be available to them.

Cold-Beat has never held our customers hostage to a long term contract. Since 1997, CariNet has always realized that the way to keep customers is to exceed customers' expectations, not lock customers into long term contracts. Unlike other hosting companies, the CariNet team holds ourselves accountable to our customers. CariNet also recognizes the fact that some customers may not need a server for more than a month or two and that is why we have always provided on-demand services in which customers can add and remove services in their account at will.

Rather than strong-arm salespeople, Cold-Beat offers superior service at a fair cost. This is how CariNet earns our business. It's also the reason why CariNet is the right choice for hosting your enterprise servers, clusters and cloud computing services.

The reason on-demand is taking over the industry is that it is the right thing to do for you, the customer. The traditional business model that most hosting companies follow of locking customers into long term contracts is simply wrong and CariNet has always known this. While many hosting companies have come and gone since 2001, Cold-Beat continues to be a leader in the industry.

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We're here to help

At Cold-Beat, our vision of success is what drives us. We constantly strive to improve our business through new designs, process automation, and by staying a few steps ahead of the competition.

While our focus is trained on the future and on supporting a global base of customers, we endeavor to never lose sight of what made us the premier solution provider we are today. Cold-Beat began 12 years ago as a regional provider of all things Internet. Since then our organization has grown tremendously. Today we operate from 12 different data centers; we service some 7500+ customers around the globe; we maintain facilities in 4 countries, and we have outbound sales efforts and resellers offering our products in almost every country in the world.

Our Guarantee

Cold-Beat's Service Level Agreement covers server hardware & operating systems, power, bandwidth, support, & networking.

Under this Service Level Agreement Cold-Beat will provide:

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee on all dedicated servers each calendar year.

Included in this guarantee is our promise of reliable power and facilities, reliable bandwidth and connectivity, reliable hardware and equipment support & replacements when needed, and reliable and responsive customer service.

  • Hardware Replacement – Cold-Beat stocks a large variety of server hardware to ensure that emergency replacements happen in a timely manner. Hardware replacements are guaranteed within 2 hours, but generally happen between 5 and 20 minutes.

Should Cold-Beat not be able to provide the services guaranteed by this SLA,

the following service credits will be issued:

  • 1 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Day Credit
  • 4 or More Hours Downtime = 1 Week Credit

To be eligible for SLA related credits, please open a case through your online account manager and provide details of the situation. A case must be opened within 30 calendar days after the reported problem, otherwise an SLA credit cannot be issued.

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