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About Cold-Beat

On-Demand Services, no long-term contracts


About Cold-Beat

Cold Beat is a premier global solutions provider of hosting and internet services.

Starting in 2001, we partnered with one of our local internet providers to offer basic hosting for a few upstart games companies. Since then, we have grown significantly and now we operate from 5 different data centers, facilities in 2 countries, and offer products in almost every country in the world.

Hosting Services

Since 2001, we have provided hosting services with the highest guaranteed uptime and bandwidth to meet our customers growing needs at a fair cost.

Hosting Overview

Most hosting companies force their customers to sign an annual if not bi-annual contract before the customers’ servers are even ordered and/or built. This enables the hosting company to lock the customer in for payment regardless of whether or not the hosting company lives up to their side of the deal. Additionally, it has not been uncommon for customers to wait days or even weeks for server clusters to come online and be available to them.

We have never held our customers hostage to a long term contract. Since 2001, Cold-Beat has always realized that the way to keep customers is to exceed customers’ expectations, not lock customers into long term contracts. Unlike other hosting companies, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers. Cold-beat also recognizes the fact that some customers may not need a server for more than a month or two and that is why we have always provided on-demand services in which customers can add and remove services in their account at will.

Customer Focus

The reason on-demand is taking over the industry is that it is the right thing to do for you, the customer. The traditional business model that most hosting companies follow of locking customers into long term contracts is simply wrong and Cold-Beat has always known this. While many hosting companies have come and gone since 2001, Cold-Beat continues to be a leader.