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Cold-Beat Media Plan

Cold Beat is offering Unlimited bandwith up op 100M throughtput.

Cold-Beat Social Plan

We offer php fox hosting accounts

Cold-Beat Classifieds Plan

PHP Classifieds, the original is one of the most customizable Classified ads program that exist for PHP and MySQL. It has been around since 1998 and was the first PHP Classifieds script introduced in the world. It has had over 1.000.000 downloads from version v1.

Live demonstration

You can test PHP Classifieds in thier Live demo. Please note that many things, specially in admin area, will not work in order to avoid the demo install from being destroid. There will not be any messages, you will just see that pushing Create and other buttons just doesn't give any response. Try it out here:

User side:

Admin area:
User Name: admin Password: admin

Cold-Beat Ecommerce Plan

Cold-Beat offers Several types of ecommerce hosting accounts. We support :

  • Magento
  • Pinicle Cart
  • Avactis Online Store
  • Open Realty
  • X-Cart
  • Custom Carts

Talk to the Experts...

Cold Beat employes associates are of all calbers. If you have a question feel free to join in out forums and chat areas. Cold Beat is specilizing in ip v6 hosting.

  • SEO Specialists
  • Ecommerce Specialists
  • Linux Specilists
  • ipv6 What is to come
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Template hosting

Web Analytics

Real-Time Web Analytics See your stats as they happen. Why wait 24 hours?

  • Real-time stats - see and react to your stats as they happen
  • Easy to use customizable dashboard
  • Plesk Analytics
  • Easy segmentation filtering
  • Track everything, including Flash AJAX!
  • Piwik Analyitics Avaliable